Terrorism, Conflicts and Disaster: Threats we can fix

Terrorism is a threat to peace, security, economic prosperity and tranquillity, it has no colour, its of no religion, it has no age and not limited to any social class, it masks itself in misguided doctrines and beliefs that hid themselves under the similitude of purposeful cause and revolutionary ideology. But we all know the colour of this movement, we are familiar with its trend and we have had a taste of its impact, either when it slips itself into the peaceful gathering of people who have done nothing but express an opinion that differs from her or when it sends panic to the heart of millions of Nigerians by taking to custody young girls whose only sin was to have been in school the day she visited. We are faced with this monster, but we have a responsibility to tell terrorism where it belongs. It should have no place anywhere and must not at any time.

Terrorism, conflicts and disaster are behemoth triplet caused and enforced by men with myopic interest and selfish agenda. Either as conflict in Syria or the Arab spring in northern Africa or the middle east or natural disasters like flood, earthquakes or cyclones, we can prevent them, this is a question of ethic, perspective and humanity. If we are humane enough, we should know by principle that what we do each day as a country, a person or an organization can either make a great nation or shred down the love in a family to rubble in split second.

We have seen what conflict has done in Syria, horrifying statistics lends to the fact that this crisis has remain the worst humanitarian crisis of all time with no end in sight , 11.5 percent of Syria’s population has been wounded or killed since 2011, over 400,000 death were caused by violence, and over 70,000 as a result of collapse in country’s health care infrastructure, lack of access to medicine, poor sanitation, spread of communicable diseases, falling vaccination rates, food scarcity, malnutrition etc. Life expectancy has dropped from 70 years to below 55 years in just 5 years.

We cannot claim the world is at peace when children in Syria live each day of their life with  sounds of guns and bombs across roads, chasing survival instead of dreams. The conflict in Syria must stop, terrorism across all nations, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe or in America, we have a duty to bring this to an end. This we can do constructively through coalition between nations to help bring them to halt, we must find common grounds where necessary to accommodate views, opinions but definitely not one that questions the creed of unity and progress. Any country, organization or person that fails to adhere to the principle of fairness, equality and equity should be met with the fist of justice, diplomatic sanctions consistent with international policies. We cannot afford to play double standard role in this fight, either it is Russia or Cuba, North Korea or Egypt diplomacy must be done with all sense of duty and responsibility.

Countries are not only plunging into wars or faced with terrorism, natural disasters have become one of our biggest challenge thanks to human activities. Between 1994 and 2013, the Centre for Research on Epidemiology of Disaster recorded 6,873 natural disasters worldwide, which claimed over 1.35 million lives and affected over 218 million people. It was observed that geophysical disasters like earthquakes remained constant, but Climate related event rose to above 40% between 2005-2013. climate related disaster is envisaged to be one of the catastrophic disaster that mankind will have to confront that is why it becomes imperative that we address this issue adequately through policies that discriminates any form of activities that exposes our planet to climate related disasters.

Remember, to win the war on terrorism, conflict and disaster we cannot continue to implement or replicate sterile foreign policies and blueprints, we must fight until we make the earth habitable for all, it may not be easy but yes we can!

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