I Was Wrong

I had met smiles that never fade,

Ideas that never stray,

And friends that never fray.

This day was never to be like any other.

The dusk was filled with husk of hush hush decisions.

But blown were the brunette hair that jig my heart

and my facial troops could not but let go of their grip.

As noble ideas streamed like the morning sun,

surprisingly scorching where they

that they becloud its soothing relief.

Would it’s scorch ever stop?

The earth!

Hath thou not old to understand

the uniqueness of the firmament?

I giveth thee light far better than the moon.

I have shared hours with thee

not this time will thy inhabitant strain me.

Hmmm… sure! thou has been good,

lost much galaxies in death but not in disparity.

Maybe, I was wrong when your beautiful smiles honoured the dusk,

when the firmament blooms in blues and reds.

I was wrong when you hid yourself

just to give a climatic century experience.

I was always wrong!

You were always right.

Writer: Samuel Edet

Inspired by ARIZONA music  ‘I was wrong’



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