Thank You For 2017

Our sincere appreciation go to readers of this blog around the world. It has been a great opportunity walking side by side and being inspired by permutation of letters. We had our first post on September 20, 2016 and since then, we have inspired many people around the world with 23 articles that span interviews,…

My Mandela Rhodes Experience

Well, I have received tons of messages from you guys reminding me I promised to share my Mandela Rhodes experience before the end of the year. So, let us get down to it. There are few people who fascinate me; people whose historical precedence and contemporary stories inspire me so much. People like Barack Obama,…

Christmas Finds Me

Christmas finds me, stuck in a monastery, in a cold and sterile room, seeping silence – making wishes, and thinking of loved ones.

Lady Snow

Still laid on frozen bed; with a book clutched to her chest; and coffee ready to be sipped; the street of knowledge she threads; to her delightful dread.