Lady Snow

Still laid on frozen bed;

with a book clutched to her chest;

and coffee ready to be sipped;

the street of knowledge she threads;

to her delightful dread.


She bask in the sight full of white;

blown away by the mystery that puzzle men;

her claws clutched to her garb,

like all she ever had.


Strolling the street so white,

she dreamt of lands untold,

and as snow hugged her skin;

all she ever thought of,

was an experience so dear.


She wondered of love so sweet;

with every gentle kiss on the trees;

covering them up snug with white quilt;

whispering to their ears –

“Go to sleep, baby, till summer comes calling”



Written by: Samuel Edet

P.S: Inspired by my first snow experience in Lucca, Italy.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Harun Humphrey Kabalika says:

    Very interesting and well composed Br. I learnt something through this peace of words. And I realise challenge and different situation that we are triggered off make us to think deep.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samuel Edet says:

    Harun, it is wonderful how we relate with a piece of writing. For some it brings about inspiration and for others it is about realization. I am glad you found something useful and adaptable from this writing. Cheers!!


  3. Rita says:

    I love


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