The Beauty of Sudan (Africa Narrative Series)


I am proud to be a citizen of Sudan. The pronunciation of the word “SUDAN” makes me feel good. So, when Samuel requested I describe the beauty of Sudan. Honestly, I couldn’t come up with a straight description, because there were so many delightful things in my mind about Sudan and the Sudanese people. What I like the most about Sudan are her citizens. An average Sudanese is known to be kind, respectful and generous. These are traits that endear them to non-Sudanese around them.

Like most African countries, Sudan has attractive natural landscape. It is unique for her variegated stunning natural endowments. From the dry desert in the northern region, to the chains of mountains in the east, the moderate climate in the centre, agricultural lands in the west and the unique rainforest in the southern region. Her beauty remains a sight worth beholding. The diverse climatic conditions and landscapes enable the existence of different animal species; and definitely makes Sudan a hub for tourism.

We the ‘Sudanese’ are mostly proud of the river Nile. We are so lucky to have it in our beloved country. A visit to the river gives a sensation of peace, as your soul is lost in the relaxing therapeutic effect the sight of the river offers. The river is regarded as the longest river in the world, it is the primary water source for Sudan, and also a nice entertainment spot for most Sudanese.

There are no many cities in Sudan. Most of the places are countryside. Talking about myself, I live in Khartoum: the capital of Sudan. However, I enjoy visiting the countryside, because it is quiet and lovely.

Sudan has quite a number of heritage sites, ancient ruins and landmarks. For your next visit to Sudan, I will recommend you visit the Pyramid of Meroe, Dinder National Park, Jebel Marra, Jabel Barkal, Nuba mountains, Omdurman, Sanganeb National Park, El Kurru Tombs and …the Red sea (enjoy the charm of the crystal clear sea).

In my conversation with fellow Sudanese, I often ask what makes them feel proud, confident and good about Sudan. With a kindling smile, they umpteen-time respond “the people.” Without an iota of doubt, I can tell you that the love for one another is unconditional and unrestricted.


مرحبا بيقوم في السودان

Welcome to Sudan


Writer:  Reem Omer


P.S: Reem Omer is a quintessential strong lady with a big heart. Thank you for being a great inspiration.

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