Thought on Pain and Fear

The last few days for me have been moment of deep reflection about life. In the last few days, my experiences have made me think deeply about the concept of fear and pain. It is quite surprising that on Monday, 5th February, which was exactly one year I lost my dad, happened to be the same day I was seriously ill. It was pretty bad, I had mustered all my strength and had written to a friend: “I am dying, I need you to help me get to the hospital.” Well, it is days now and I think it all turned out to be a zugzwang for the illness and now I am back in good health.

However, my visit to the hospital was quite revealing. Personally, I have always dislike the hospital because of my inability to withstand the discomfort and pains that permeates that environment. It was in the midst of my own personal pain, that I observed the screams of discomfort from people. For these people it was more unbearable. Although, I could barely see, but I stole a glance at an old woman, and I could not but look the other direction; the woman was terribly helpless. I wish I could say I felt her pain. But the truth is that, I don’t know what it means to scream in such pain. Yeah, I have been overcome in pain, and the climax of it all had led me to the hospital, which I had not visited in years on personal health matters. So at these point, all I wish was if I could stretch my hands to the old woman, hold her hands, sit there and let my reassuring silence heal her pains. She was in pains and whatever it was I simply hope the woman regains her health.

Another experience that sent chills down my spine was the discoloration of the face of a man. I really do not know what had happened to the man. But definitely, this was no sight any man deserves.

These and other pathetic sights as I was wheeled around the hospital for almost 8 hours became the subject of my thought when I got home. Somehow, I believe God wanted me to see this and think about them. He wanted me to think about the nothingness in life. How it is easy to slip from a sound and great health to a frail health. I have personally enjoyed sound health for years. Slipping into a frail health that takes control of my thought was not something I was familiar with. I believe there is a thin line between an excellent health and a frail health. I believe there are moments in life when pain comes, steal our joy away and we lie helplessly wishing we have a second shot at life to make good choices. I believe pain exist even in the midst of excellent health care system. I believe pain comes to people not taking into account skin coloration, educational background or social class.

Therefore, friend while you have the gift of good health, make the best use of it. Make the right choice in life! Choose to be human, to be kind to people, to smile heartily, to be helpful to someone. If you cannot change the world. Simply choose to influence the lives of those that comes in contact with you.

Most importantly, choose to strengthen the weak among you.

My hope is that when pain comes knocking, and it appear it is time to say goodnight, you will not be overcome by fear.


Writer: SEA

Inspired by the goodness of few good people.


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