Appeal to Reinstate the Union

…We expect that the university should be a breeding ground for intellectuals and not dummies, it should be a place where we can freely and intelligently dissect opinions in the context of growth and development, not minding whose ox is gored. But, if we fail in the fulfilment of these goals by clamping down platforms for constructive and prolific thought, what meaning shall we ascribe to the motto, recte sapere fons?


“Premedi–” what? Nope. Totally not. The prosecution counsel must be seriously mistaken. He even alluded at me being probably non compos mentis. What’s with the name-calling? I ain’t mentally incompetent! How else can I convince this court (and you, dear reader) that it—whatever I’m defending myself against—was not done with even a tinge of malicious…

Hope for the Lonely Heart!

I searched my heart. The bony structure beclouds the similitude of peace flowing in the streams of red sea. Hazy was her flush, that it overtook the silt of fine shells and rugged pebbles. It was a transition from breezing sea to beating drum; beats like the calmness of clipping pegs I did hear. My…

I Was Wrong

I had met smiles that never fade,
ideas that never stray,
and friends that never fray…


I saw him His face like ice His eyes a scary fire Aye! I saw death himself He took my hands in his So cold I shivered

Freedom At Last

In our dreams,
a platter of gold laid at our feet,
walking majestically on the softness of beauty,
while the glory of the sun set above our head,
and our gardens filled with flowers, that we bask in such a life incredibly sustainable.