Achieving Sustainable Peace and Security in Africa.

Specifically, there is need for an explosive reformation in the technological space of Africa. This is because history has shown that, humanitarian reforms are often preceded by new technologies responsible for spreading ideas and sharing experiences

Appeal to Reinstate the Union

…We expect that the university should be a breeding ground for intellectuals and not dummies, it should be a place where we can freely and intelligently dissect opinions in the context of growth and development, not minding whose ox is gored. But, if we fail in the fulfilment of these goals by clamping down platforms for constructive and prolific thought, what meaning shall we ascribe to the motto, recte sapere fons?

Role of Standardization in Facilitating the Right of Women.

As the world begins another meaningful pursuit in the creation of a viable society, where the ideals of individual, organizations and governments are held to world values and standards. It becomes imperative to x-ray a core feature of this sustainable development goal (right of women), from the binocular of the fundamental mandate of the African…

Gender Responsive Implementation of Sustainable Development in Africa

Besides the contribution from the government, women civil society organizations and networks should create strong networks that objectively advocate gender representation and educate the public on gender related issues.They must also assist in organizing empowerment programs and trainings, make funds accessible to rural women for business purposes, negotiate social protection safety nets and mechanisms that can increase women’s agricultural productivity …

Poverty, Youth Unemployment and Straining Economy

There must be indications that spell out optimism and possible fulfilment of dreams of hard-working and patriotic Africans who spend their lives working in the mines in South Africa and oven-like factories across Nigeria.