Samuel Edet Nominated for Thomson Reuters Excellence Award

Samuel Edet is a business developer at Siemens, on an exchange program funded by the German government, ESMT business school and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He was nominated for the 2017 Thomson Reuters Excellence Award; student category: The award recognizes research in data science that are relevant to the industry.

Interaction with Legacy: What Nigerians can Learn!!

…We can take a cue from this and walk out the door of bitterness and hatred that may have resulted from wars and marginalization. We cannot afford to bind ourselves with the chains of hatred, because these chains are often-time too weak to be felt until they become too strong to be

Achieving Sustainable Peace and Security in Africa.

Specifically, there is need for an explosive reformation in the technological space of Africa. This is because history has shown that, humanitarian reforms are often preceded by new technologies responsible for spreading ideas and sharing experiences

ESMT Berlin launches program in Africa to enhance graduate employability

Industry Immersion Program is six-month pilot program with 30 African graduates focusing on business readiness. Program launch coincides with G20 Africa Partnership conference in Berlin. ESMT Berlin and the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) have launched the Industry Immersion Program (IIP) to prepare African graduates to transition from an academic environment to an applied…

Appeal to Reinstate the Union

…We expect that the university should be a breeding ground for intellectuals and not dummies, it should be a place where we can freely and intelligently dissect opinions in the context of growth and development, not minding whose ox is gored. But, if we fail in the fulfilment of these goals by clamping down platforms for constructive and prolific thought, what meaning shall we ascribe to the motto, recte sapere fons?

Is there no balm in Nigeria?

The frail health of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria has continued to be a source of concern for her citizens. This concern is understandable, as the country is a little shy of economic collapse and needs the right leadership to steer the country away from her economic turmoil. However, Aso rock has…